Weekly Spelling Lists

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Unit 1


Date of Test

Tony and the Shark




April's Mud


Hot Dogs and Bamboo Shoots


The Telephone Call



Unit 2


Date of Test

A Trouble-Making Crow


From a Spark  
The Day of the Turtle  
Saving the Sound  


Unit 3


Date of Test

Elizabeth Blackwell:  Medical Pioneer  
Born Worker  
Wilma Unlimited  
Casey at the Bat  
The Night of the Pomegranate  
Unit 3 Review List  


Unit 4


Date of Test

Spring Paint  
A Brother's Promise   
Catching the Fire  
The Seven Wonders of the World  
The Gold Coin  
To the Pole  
Unit 4 Review List  


Unit 5


Date of Test

From El Guero  
Destination:  Mars  

The Land of Expectations


The Trail Drive


Noah Writes a B & B Letter


Spring Words



Unit 6


Date of Test

Louis Braille

The Librarian Who Measured the Earth  
Tyree's Song  
 Cutters, Carvers, and the Cathedral  

"Tony and the Shark" 
Spelling List

admire canyon magnify cannon
lemonade method decorate distance
swimming strict injury tissue
modern comedy honesty property
husband clumsy hundredth dungeon



"Teammates" Spelling List

ceiling receipt deceive neither
leisure protein receiver seize
conceited field achieve belief
brief relief apiece shield
niece diesel grief yield



"April's Mud" Spelling List

reduce attitude costume absolutely
assume New York renew review
viewpoint interview preview value
continue rescue humid universe
uniform reunion sewer United States



"Hot Dogs and Bamboo Shoots" 
Spelling List

report order sword forty
enormous explore ignore therefore
expert service determine permanent
research earning worth worst
thorough attorney disturb purchase



"The Telephone Call" 
Spelling List

poetry beautiful thirteen tongue
pieces thousand through unusual
building license remodel grateful
enemy instrument perform  prefer
judged adjusted soldier neighborhood


"A Trouble-Making Crow" Spelling List

moose cobra alligator vanilla
banana tomato mustard hula
picnic barbecue crocodile coyote
koala macaroni catsup polka
ballet waltz banquet buffet


"From a Spark" Spelling List

doubt fascinate science scenic
autumn column guilty league
guardian disguise subtle debt
reminiscent descent condemn solemn
guidance vague fatigue intrigue


"Storm-a-Dust" Spelling List

myself themselves hallway homeroom
everything teenage teammate skateboard
everybody doughnut ice cream locker room
tape recorder root beer dead end air conditioner
polka dot roller coaster ice pack  solar system


"The Day of the Turtle" Spelling List

basketball everywhere  outside summertime 
something afterthought cheerleader quarterback
bookstore courthouse baby-sit roller-skating
drive-in self-control part-time ice-skated
ninety-five brother-in-law water-skied old-fashioned



"Saving the Sound" Spelling List

interested usually American toward
business vegetable really  opposite
difficult Christmas magazine apologize
multiply jealousy elementary oxygen
Maryland sensitive laughter disease



"Elizabeth Blackwell: Medical Pioneer" Spelling List

entrance performance appearance clearance
insurance Independence difference excellence
confidence coincidence brilliant important
pollutant ignorant hesitant intelligent
apparent persistent convenient consistent



"Born Worker" Spelling List

scarfs staffs sheriffs reefs
chiefs shelves wolves ourselves
knives thieves solos stereos
studios volcanoes dominoes buffaloes
quizzes pants scissors measles



"Wilma Unlimited" Spelling List

different register carnival variety
atmosphere favorite pattern understand
sentence instance elegant aquarium
communicate gasoline factory definite
Chicago heavily garage illustrate



"Casey at the Bat" Spelling List

slogan citizen urban orphan
forgotten kindergarten propeller encounter
conquer appetizer collector dishonor
tractor level tunnel easel
double single example recycle



"The Night of the Pomegranate" 
Spelling List

their there they're wring
ring chili chilly scent 
sent cent oversees overseas
patients patience cereal serial
coarse course counsel council



Unit 3 Review List

convenient solos scissors volcanoes
atmosphere definite garage illustrate
conquer forgotten scent sent
cent coarse course consistent
appearance favorite quizzes citizen


"Spring Paint" Spelling List

similar doesn't experience forward
exactly partner drawer expensive
develop familiar pigeon tickling
penalty frustrated athletic celebration
circling helicopter trembling sparkling



" A Brother's Promise" Spelling List

probably cabinet separate wondering
clothes average beginning restaurant
promise aspirin desperate twelfth
skiing unwritten roughly schedule
overrule awfully fishhook temperature



"Catching the Fire" Spelling List

answered answering decided deciding
included including omitted omitting
satisfied satisfying delayed delaying
remembered exercised exercising interfered
interfering occurred occurring remembering



"The Seven Wonders of the World" 
Spelling List

connect command mirror accomplish
according allowance college address
Mississippi recess committee immediate
barricade interrupt broccoli collect
afford possess Tennessee announce 




"The Gold Coin" Spelling List

human humane clean cleanse
nature  natural  major majority 
poem poetic equal equation 
unite unity bomb bombard
muscle muscular resign  resignation 


"To the Pole" Spelling List

illegal illogical illegible inexpensive
inaccurate indirect informal incapable
incredible impolite improper imperfect
impatient imbalance immature irresponsible
irregular irrational  irresistible irreplaceable 



Unit 4 Review List




"from El Guero" Spelling List

relaxation exploration occupation destination
orientation recommendation determination infection
collection reaction situation television
generation reflection destruction attention
deduction reception solution convention


"Destination: Mars" Spelling List

pretrial prearrange premeditated prehistoric 
precaution postdate postwar postponement
postgraduate overcook overlook overflow
overpopulated undercover undernourished underweight
include inhale exclude  exhale



"The Land of Expectations" Spelling List

originate fortunate activate affectionate
considerate obligate productive defective
constructive attractive inventive negative
creative ownership membership hardship
relationship friendship championship leadership



"The Trail Drive" Spelling List

it's let's that's we'd
don't there's coach's coaches'
man's men's you're she'd
mustn't o'clock guide's guides'
director's directors' city's cities'



"Noah Writes a B & B Letter" Spelling List

since sense choose chose
finally finely except accept
beside besides recent resent
access excess later latter
metal medal personal personnel




"Spring Words" Spelling List

flowers showers rainbows thunderstorm
lightning umbrella blossoms garden
daffodils tulips photosynthesis sunshine
climate insects lilacs  







"Louis Braille" Spelling List

outlast account astound boundary
southeast counter sunflower somehow
chowder coward disappointed voices
tabloid employee joyful applaud
faucet caution author trauma




"The Librarian Who Measured the Earth" Spelling List

automobile autograph automatic autobiography
autopilot telescope telecast telegram
telegraph telephone portable import
export transport passport microphone
headphones symphony saxophone megaphone




"Tyree's Song" Spelling List

social precious commercial especially
artificial  financial gracious glacier
national dictionary motion  position
population cautious question suggestion
mention fraction exhaustion digestion




"Cutters, carvers, and the Cathedral" Spelling List

direct direction history historical
fact factual critic criticize
produce production magic magician
electric electrician distract distraction
remedy remedial origin original